Cabinet Hardware: Solid vs. Hollow

What's the difference?

Imagine: Spending countless hours and dollars renovating your kitchen. You have meticulously planned every detail- painting the walls, replacing the counter tops, buying new appliances. Finally the finishing touch, the knobs and handles, arrive in the mail. You go to install the first one, twist the screw too fast and the knob breaks right in two. It's hollow.    

Unfortunately, this isn't the only problem with cheaply made hardware. These handles and knobs won't last nearly as long. They will tarnish, change color and rub off the finish over time. Less material can also result in sharp, rough edges that can hurt the hands of little ones in your home.

Many hardware companies that sell online claim to be selling solid knobs, but they are actually hollow. With Hardware Direct, you can be sure that all of our products are made with 100% solid material all the way through. Contact us for a free sample and let us prove it.



As you can see in the above image, our handles and knobs are made out of one cohesive piece of material that is solid all the way through. The competition, however, uses fake, plastic inserts to hold the screw in place. This causes the handle to be light and fragile in the corners. Hollow hardware is significantly cheaper to make, but they do not pass those savings on to the customer. This particular handle was only cents less than the heavy, quality handle at Hardware Direct.

You have spent hundreds, even thousands, of dollars upgrading your kitchen or bathroom. Why let a difference of a few cents result in poor quality on the finishing touches? Your home deserves the best.


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