How to Install a New Handle to Your Drawer

Just purchased some new handles from Hardware Direct but don’t know how to install them? We are here to help with this simple 5-Step guide to installing drawer handles.

What You Will Need:

  • drill and drill bit
  • tape measure
  • Phillip’s Head screw driver
  • pen/pencil
  • screws
  • handle
  • recommended: drill template

Step 1: Find Center-To-Center of Handle

Align the center-to-center of your handle with the middle of your drill template and mark the two holes.

Step 2: Find Center of Drawer

First, measure the length of drawer and determine the mid-point.

Repeat this step with the height to find the center of the drawer.

Lightly mark the center with a pencil.

Step 3: Line up Handle with Drawer

Line up your drill template with the center of your drawer that you found earlier. Then mark on the drawer where the two holes of your drill template are. These will be the spots where you drill your holes.

Step 4: Drill

You are ready to drill! Carefully drill two holes in the drawer in the spots you marked for the handle.

Step 5: Place Handle

For the final step, you will need to line up the screws with handle. Manually screw them in just enough to hold the screws steady while you are using the screwdriver.

Finally, use your screwdriver to finish securing the screws. All done! Enjoy your beautiful new handles from Hardware Direct.


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