12 Creative Uses for Knobs and Pulls

Knobs, handles and pulls from Hardware Direct are great for kitchen/bathroom cabinets, but why limit their potential? You can use these items all around your home to help you organize and decorate. Here, we have compiled 13 genius ideas for alternative uses for knobs, handles and pulls.  

1. This is not only cute, but also practical! Attach these T-bar pulls next to a door and they can hold your keys, mail, etc. all while looking stylish! Get this look here
(Image credit: Home Depot)
(Image credit: Home Depot)
2. In this genius idea, turn cabinet pulls upside down to function as decorative pockets for tiny objects. Get this look here.
(Image credit: Dimples & Tangles)
3. Turn a simple piece of scrap wood into a serving tray by attaching pulls on either side. This is an inexpensive and simple way to add a little sophistication to any event you may be hosting! Get this look here
(Image credit: A Beautiful Mess)
4. Decorative knobs can be used to hang pictures, art or wall decor. So much better than using a simple nail! Get this look here.
(Image credit: The Crafty Nest)
5. Have too much jewelry and no way to store it? Just add some knobs, pulls and handles to a board, wooden stand or even the wall. Not only does this organize your jewelry, but it also doubles as a great way to show-case all of your fashionable accessories! Get this look here.
(Image credit: Liz Marie)
(Image credit: http://www.bhg.com)
6. Running out of closet space? Here's a brilliant solution! Use bar pulls as racks to hang clothes on. Save space and display your wardrobe proudly. Get this look here
(Image credit: The Daily City)
7. Here we see how decorative knobs can be used as a unique way to hang curtains. This simple detail is the perfect way to get that classic, rustic look in your kitchen. Get this look here.

(Image credit: Houzz)

8. Use chunky handles to hold and organize your mail or other important paperwork. This way you can easily access them when you need them instead of letting them pile up on the kitchen counter. Get this look here

(image credit: pinimg.com)

9. Perfect for newlyweds, roommates or young families: use knobs to as towel holders to separate whose is whose. This also makes the towels easily accessible from the shower or sink and keeps them from being crumpled up on the floor, preventing a mess. Get this look here.

(image credit: theaveragejess.com

10. Finally, a use for all those old wine bottles! Attach decorative knobs to the tops and use them to store coins, buttons, spices or just about any small object laying around the house. Reduce, reuse and recycle with this eco-friendly unconventional use for knobs. Get this look here.

(image credit: nordstrom)
11. Mason jars have become a go-to object for decorating. Now you can customize them even more with decorative knobs! Not only is this cute and crafty, but it also makes them more conveniently accessible to open. Get this look here.
(image credit: littlehouseoffour)
12. Last but not least, you can use knobs, handles and pulls just about anywhere in your home. Like this crafty idea to personalize your decor. Get this look and more here.
(image credit: http://hubpages.com/)

How have you used your knobs, handles and pulls in a creative, non-conventional manner? Send us your ideas for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page!

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