Back in Brass

Brass Hardware- it's everywhere- from Magazines to Pinterest, even Chip and Joanna are featuring gold handles and knobs in homes. But didn't we just get rid of those old, gold knobs of the 80s/90s? Well, this isn't your grandma's gold. So what's the difference?

The old brass was loud, shiny and overbearing. Note how the modern-day brass has a sophisticated, timeless finish.

With the rise in popularity of brightly colored cabinets, the warm class of gold hardware has caught on like wildfire. See below how beautifully the gold undertones compliment this otherwise stark white kitchen.

These handles suit white cabinets perfectly, but that's not the only color they compliment. Make sure to check out gold hardware paired with gray, black or even blue cabinets!

Keep in mind that there is also much more variety in this new look. From subdued brass to rose gold, you won't have any trouble finding the perfect metal for your kitchen/bath reno. Not to mention the elegant brushed detail available as well. 

Rose Gold- One of our Favorites!

So don't be afraid to go gold! This look will only be gaining popularity for years to come. Check out Hardware Direct for all the latest in knobs and handles.


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