T Type 170° 9mm
T Type 170° 9mmT Type 170° 9mmT Type 170° 9mmT Type 170° 9mm
702.0GK0.054 (Screw On Ready)702.0GK1.054 (Machine Insertion)702.0GK4.054 (Easy Fix)

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Product Details

170° 9mm Crank Concealed Hinge w/ Cam Adjustment


  • Angle: 170°
  • Crank: 9mm Crank
  • Interaxis: 45 mm
  • Cam Adjustment: Yes
  • Box Quantity: 150 Pieces
    • Brand: Titus

    Mounting Options

    702.0GK0.054 Screw on ready

    702.0GK1.054 machine insertion w/ 8mm dowels 

    702.0GK4.054 easy fix system